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                • Dr.T.N.Bhavanishankar

                  Director - Schevaran Innovation Centre

                  Dr. T.N. Bhavanishankar is the Director of Schevaran Innovation Centre. He heads a team of researchers and scientists, spearheading product development for...

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                • Dr. KN Gurudutt

                  Senior Scientist

                  Dr. Gurudutt has been instrumental in setting up the research centre at Schevaran. With 13 patents, and over 30 years of experience in Food Chemistry, Dr. Gurudutt...

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                • Dr. Richard Joseph

                  Senior Scientist

                  As Senior Research Advisor at Schevaran Innovation Centre, Dr. Richard Joseph has been involved in developing environment-friendly formulations for our cleaning...

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                • Dr. MC Varadaraj

                  Senior Scientist

                  Dr. M.C. Varadaraj develops and manages training programs for information dissemination at the Schevaran Innovation Centre. He is a Microbiologist with a PhD....

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